Take Samples

Take automatic samples

Take automatic samples

It consists of a screw or cup sample collector and a magazine containing a series of bottles which are filled with product in programmable quantities and time intervals.

Each bottle is weighed and filled with a predefined quantity.

From 1 to 999 samples made at programmable intervals can be poured into a bottle.

A self-adhesive label is printed for each bottle with the number of the sample, the date, the time, the production batch, the weight taken and the bar code.

Takes axial cup samples

Takes axial cup samples

It consists of a cup which, sliding axially inside a tube, takes the sample from the container and transports it to the outside in a collection bottle.

The quantity of product is predefined with the number of programmable cup movements in the control panel.

If it is necessary to separate the inside of the container from the external environment, the tube is closed with a valve.

Before making a new pick, the cup empties the tube and brings the product back into the production process.

The command can be:

  • manual.
  • electropneumatic.

Other characteristics:

  • Sturdy construction with flanged parts for the chemical industry in general.
  • Construction with quickly removable parts for the pharmaceutical and food industry where complete cleaning of the parts is required.



It takes, by means of a screw, the sample inside the tank, it extracts the material and it carries a representative sample of the product in a collection box.
The quantity can be fixed by means of an adjustable timer.

The interval and the length of the pause between two samplings is freely adjustable.
Before each sample is taken, the screw rotates in the opposite direction to wash itself.
The product released during the self-washing phase comes back into the production process.
The unit is controlled locally or from the general control board